60 East Spring Street has been the site of many different things since the early 1800s. It’s location has always been central to city life and development in Columbus. Historic records for the property indicate that the site was originally residential homes in the mid 1800’s. The site was replaced, along with the majority of other buildings in the area, by small retail and factory facilities in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s as the city grew. There is evidence that the property served as ahorse and carriage house / delivery service for a period in the early 1900’s.

The ownership of the site can be traced back to 1920 and changed hands seven different times until Jacob Kulp obtained it in 1927 which is when the Columbus Parcel Post Building began construction of the building that still stands. Kulp was a Chicago based investor who hired the L.L. Leveque Company as the construction engineer on the project. This is the same Leslie Leveque whom the Leveque Towers are named for. Shortly after completion, the building was leased by the United States Parcel Post.

The Parcel Post would occupy the building until the Electric Power Equipment Company purchased it in 1966 and used the space as an electric equipment storage manufacturing and storage facility with corporate offices on the upper floors. The Electric Power Equipment Company occupied the building until spring 2003 when JDS Companies / CITYSPACE began their historic revival of the property. The CITYSPACE team took great pride in preserving the historical elements of the building as they have done with other properties, The Jeffrey and Metal Works in the Italian village. The exterior remains ultimately the same and the spaces are urban with stained concrete, high ceilings with windows to from the ceiling to the floor, open floor plans and loft spaces.

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